July 15: Recent Listening

July 13: Gerard Brennan on Crime Time FM

July 4: Nonfiction v. Nonfact

June 30: June Reads

June 15: And Another New Poem on Buddhistdoor

June 8: New Poem on Buddhistdoor

June 5: I Am Not British

June 4: There Is No Zen at Amazon

June 2: New From Dockyard Press: Two by Brennan, One by MoonCat

May 24: A Note of Thanks to Bob Dylan on his 80th Birthday

May 7: passing through: Tom Leonard’s Final Work Published in New Book

April 30: April Reads

April 20: First Person, Third Person, Same Person

April 15: Poetry, Mine and Others’

April 5: In Praise of Nothing

April 1: March Reads

March 29: Gerry Loose's Unfinished Hut

March 24: Speaking of Dockyard Press...

March 24: Dockyard Press Is Now Open to Submissions

March 20: More Poems Recently Published on Buddhistdoor

March 14: R.I.P. Marvelous Marvin Hagler

March 4: Unholy Alliance

March 2: February Reads

February 9: Haibun: Four Years Home

February 4: Music for Pandemic Pacing

February 3: Poems Recently Published on Buddhistdoor

February 1: January Listening

January 27: January Reads

January 21: My Second Book Gets a Second Life

January 8: Note to Writers Who Take Themselves Seriously


December 16: Favourite Books of 2020

December 10: The Return of Glasgow's Super Rats

December 9: Latest Novels From Dockyard Press: Belfast Neo-Noir, Chicago Working Class Crime, and Zombies at Christmas

October 31: Dreams: A Meditation on Halloween

October 30: Creepy Reads for Halloween

October 19: Recent Reading

September 15: Why All Books Should Be Published Anonymously

August 20: French Translation of Kill Your Self Published Today

August 12: Community, Social Network, or Mob?

June 18: Bart Lessard Is Back With a New Book of Dark, Funny, Chilling Stories

June 5: Seven Haiku

May 20: Social Distancing — Mark Haddon's Graphic Short Story

May 9: Recommended Quarantine Reading: Moonstone — The Boy Who Never Was by Sjon

May 5: You Can't Eat Books

April 15: Recommended Quarantine Viewing: Banshee

April 14: Holding Back the Dawn

March 19: A Curse on Powell's City of Books

March 3: I Write What I Don't Know

February 29: Sexism and Violent Revenge in the Gig Economy

Februaary 12: Why You Should Read The Harbourmaster's Loug

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