New From Dockyard Press: Two by Brennan, One by MoonCat

The latest books from Dockyard Press are published, and they’re all very different from one another, even though two are by the same author...

There’s Belfast author Gerard Brennan’s second Shannon McNulty crime novel, Drag. And there’s a reissue of his first novel, Fireproof, a unique hybrid of urban fantasy and crime thriller.

And there’s Poetry: Not Optional, a meditative memoir in verse by American poet and mystic Lisa MoonCat, charting her journey from childhood to adulthood and beyond.

The ebooks are available direct from Dockyard Press and all the usual outlets except for Amazon, and the paperbacks from all good bookshops… and the bad one, Amazon, because we can’t stop them. Please don’t buy them there.

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—Barry Graham


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