Illusory Flowers in an Empty Sky


I don’t use G****e, or any of its products, so I wasn’t aware — until a friend gleefully emailed to tell me — that it describes me as a “British author.”

I’m a hard person to insult. There’s not much you can say about me that would bother me, but this one infuriates me. I don’t accept there is a nation called Britain. I’m Scottish, not British. The fact that Scotland is colonised by England, under the aliases “Great Britain” or “the UK,” doesn’t make me British. I reject all “British” authority, and, though not a nationalist, I’m an active member of the SNP. While I have no grudge against English people, or any other people based on their citizenship, I loathe England/Britain as a political/cultural entity, and resent being mentioned in the same sentence as it, never mind identified with it. My only interest in “Britain” is in helping Scotland separate from it.

One more reason you can’t trust G****e.

#britishimperialism #scottishnotbritish #scottishindependence #nationalidentity #barrygrahamauthor

—Barry Graham


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